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MSExchange.org Advertising

Site Statistics

  • Unique Visitors: 600,000 - 700,000 per month
  • Visits: 800,000 - 850,000 per month
  • Pageviews: Over 1,100,000 per month
  • Newsletter Subscribers: 179,000 opt-in subscribers (distributed across 3 newsletter lists)
  • Message Board Members: Over 87,000

MSExchange.org Advertising Options

Newsletter Sponsorship

Sponsors of newsletters may place up to 180 characters of their promotional text and a 190x100 graphic at the top of each newsletter. Only one sponsor per newsletter is permitted to ensure that the advertisement is prominently displayed thereby maximizing the value of this spot.

  • Website Newsletter: 60K opt-in subscribers
  • Monthly Article Update: 65K opt-in subscribers
  • Real-time Article Update: 54K opt-in subscribers

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Category Sponsorship

Your 728x90 leaderboard banner and 300x600 half page banner would be placed exclusively at the top of a specific software, hardware, or services section and your product would head the list of products in that section as the 'Featured Product'. On average, the Featured Product enjoys 3-4 times as many clicks as normal product listings do. This opportunity allows you to reach the most highly targeted audience possible.


More information about MSExchange.org category sponsorship opportunities!

Lead Generation Webinars

The main topic of each webinar will include a 10 to 15 minute presentation by a TechGenix subject expert to be followed by a 10 to 15 minute presentation by your subject expert which ties into the main presentation topic and your related products. The main presentation topic is selected by TechGenix, based on collaborative input from you and TechGenix subject experts.

Each Webinar will be promoted via a Site News announcement which appears on the site homepage. An accompanying article update newsletter is sent to all subscribers approximately two weeks prior to the event and on the day of the event. Each webinar is also promoted to the dedicated webinar newsletter subscriber list.

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Homepage Rectangle Banner

A high impact 300x250 inline banner ad appearing on the homepage, just below the fold. This spot is offered exclusively to one advertiser at any given time.

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Article and Tutorial Rectangle Banner

Your 300x250 banner appearing in rotation within our articles & tutorials. This is a high-impact spot that appears prominently above the fold.


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Run of Site Leaderboard Banner

Top banner (728 x 90) placed in rotation throughout the site.

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Run of Site Half Page Banner

The half page banner (300x600) provides maximum impact and maximum space to get your message across. This banner will be in rotation throughout the site (except the forum) on the right hand side of our pages.

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Featured Product Banner

Your product featured on every page of the site, appearing as a highly visible 125x125 banner in the left hand sidebar, offered exclusively to one advertiser. Two Featured Product banner spots are available per site.

  • Featured Product: 1,100K impressions per month

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Sponsored Text Links

Your text link displayed below the primary page content throughout the site. Sponsors may place up to 240 characters per text link. Only five of these spots are available per site.

1,400K impressions per month


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