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Content Syndication

With a dedicated team of leading authors and technology experts, TechGenix produces some of the most sought after content throughout the IT industry. TechGenix partners with other leading IT related publishers, allowing them to republish a number of tutorials and articles per month for free. Some of our partners include:


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A comprehensive online resource for networking professionals. Our editorial team and independent experts provide advice, original content and in-depth coverage of news and events that keeps managers and administrators current.


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Industry experts provide strategies, tips and best practices for designing, implementing and securing complex, enterprise-level networks.


Work with us

TechGenix is constantly on the lookout for new sites to partner with, whether large or small. Adding TechGenix content to your site is a free way of quickly providing premium content of interest to your visitors and will keep them coming back for more. If you would like to publish TechGenix content on your site all you need to do is contact us and provide us with the following information (if available):

  • Average monthly unique visitors
  • Visitor Demographics
    - Country of Origin
    - Job Title

Contact us

For more information about Content Syndication please contact Sean Buttigieg at seanb(at)techgenix.com.

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